Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Computer Asplode

Well, I know you guys are tired of hearing this at this point, but for the 40,908th time, I'm sorry about the serious lack of updates.

The original plan, honest, was to keep updating through January, but my laptop caught some serious Trojans, which screwed things up so badly that I pretty much had to take it to the shop.

Long story short, after an impromptu hiatus Cinematic Supersonic is now back up and running, and yes, I plan to have those blu-ray reviews up by the end of the week. They're for movies that I saw over the summer but never got a chance to review, the first one being for The Hangover and the other Inglorious Basterds. I kind of feel bad about not reviewing these movies sooner, because both blu-rays came out around Christmas time and I think whomever reads this blog would've expected something by now. No worries though, they're coming soon.