Friday, April 8, 2011

Trailer Friday: Your Highness

Trailer courtesy of and Universal Pictures

After the few bombs they've suffered recently, I didn't think they'd be willing to try this again, but it looks like we have yet another nerdy comedy from Universal here. Color me pleasantly surprised.

By now most of you have probably already seen it, but if you want an opinion from me, I think this movie looks promising. I've really been liking James Franco's comedy stuff as of late, and Kenny Powers and Natalie Portman look pretty good in this trailer as well. The jokes don't look like anything particularly spectacular, but they sound pretty funny.

I guess I don't have anything all that enlightening to say about this movie, but hey, it looks pretty funny. Besides, anything at this point looks a lot better than Sucker Punch.

So yeah, Your Highness. If you got the time and money tonight, you might want to check it out. Of course, you can watch the trailer up there and decide for yourself.